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About The Villas

"Apanema" Luxury Private Villas, Accommodation Description

The stone-built complex “Apanema” is a luxurious traditional guest-house. It is located in a beautiful, picturesque village in Lefkada towards the centre of the island, called Asprogerakata.
Asprogerakata sits at 430m altitude, 9km from the town of Lefkada and at 38,7804267505o latitude and 20,6511760422o longitude.
The view you can enjoy coming to “Apanema”, either from the west of Lefkada or the east, is unique, with many olive-groves alternating with idyllic beaches. The hills around the villages compose a natural environment that will surely move any guest.
Traditional stone-houses, churches, belfries, windmills, water mills, springs, wells, are what comprise the identity of the area. Here there is a variety of footpaths and mountain bike trails that merit discovery.
At the village square there is a traditional tavern and cafe. Two perennial plane trees alongside the “well of Frias” are waiting to offer their shadow and refreshment. It is an ideal place for vacations under the sun, away from the hordes of tourists but still within small distance from the most famous beaches of the island. More information about the area you can find in the link below:

In an area of 2.100,00m2 and at 300m distance from Asprogerakata´s square, you can find “Apanema”, a new complex built from natural materials like wood and stone. It consists of four villas that fit naturally into the untouched, unindustrialized surrounding environment. It offers complete serenity away from traffic , it welcomes you and it hopes to be a refuge for even the more demanding guests.
Wood and stone are combined harmonically and create welcoming and luxurious spaces inside each villa while a pool outside offers relaxation while enjoying the mountains and the greenery.
The villas are available year-round.
During arrival, a basket with products (water, wine, coffee, fruits) will be offered, alongside a map of the island and an information brochure with details of what to do, where to eat etc.

Villa 50m2 (single storey)

Apanema Villas Lefkada

Villa 150m2 (three storeys)


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